Speeches & Remarks

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President Shoukri's Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce Speech on Innovation, Automation and the Future of Work - March 30, 2017 (PDF)

"An interesting duality is emerging in terms of the skills graduates need in the 21st-century workplace. While changes in the job market require universities to prepare students to deal with the complex knowledge being created at a fast rate, including the demand for higher-level technical skills, a university education also must equip students with skills that cannot be replaced by technology."

President's Welcome Address at ISPIM Innovation Forum - March 20, 2017 (PDF)

"It is well established that all successful innovation clusters and ecosystems tend to have a number of common ingredients, such as strong knowledge generation and educational infrastructure, established companies with global reach, advanced suppliers networks, advanced communication and transportation networks, specialized support services, and financial institutions and venture capital. Government, through its direct investment, regulatory regimes and policies, is also an important catalyst."

President's Opening Remarks at Conference Board of Canada's 4th Annual Skills and Post-Secondary Education Summit - November 30, 2016 (PDF)

"We need to be more responsive, more nimble to act, more open to bold ideas and new ways of doing things. Above all, we need to recognize that we cannot do this alone. It is about pan-university, cross-disciplinary, and mission-driven research. For our teaching and research to be truly valuable to society, for our graduates to be ready for the workplace, colleges and universities must be integrated into our communities—with government, with industry, with civil society—rather than islands."

President's Remarks at Senate and Board of Governors: U.S. Election Results and Political Climate - November 24 and 29, 2016 (PDF)

"...in our collaboration we should realize that while these may look like the challenges we saw in the 60s, the world has changed, the issues have changed, and so the tools, too, have to change as we seek to confront hatred, violent or oppressive acts, and promote human dignity. All of our efforts and our policies must allow us to support equity. York is a leader in this area, so this is an opportunity to build on our already established strengths and our reputation for social justice. I hope in my time remaining to be a catalyst in these efforts."

President's Opening Remarks at 6th Americas Competitiveness Exchange (ACE) - September 25, 2016 (PDF)

"I believe we are starting to see a new definition of innovation emerging—one that includes notions of inclusion and integration, and that seeks to understand how we can break down existing barriers to unleash not only the fullest potential of industry, academia and government, but the fullest potential of each citizen and group so that all have access to and can contribute to the knowledge economy."

President's Remarks Spring Convocation - June 2016 (PDF)

"The University—today and for centuries past—has a high public purpose. Our mission is to provide an education of the highest quality, to build knowledge and understanding, to cultivate excellence, and ultimately, to prepare you, our graduates, to go out and make the world better than you found it."

Science Diplomacy and the Role of Academic Institutions - May 12, 2016 (PDF)

"Not yet two decades into this new century, it is clear that the 21st century will be like no other – a period distinguished by an unprecedented level and depth of global interaction in all domains – economic, political, cultural. In such an interconnected environment, joint efforts across national boundaries have been growing to use science and technology to address shared global challenges including global health management, food security, environmental sustainability, water shortage and global security, among others."

President's Address to the Symposium on the Role of Universities and Research/Cultural Centers in Civilizations Dialogue (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) - January 27, 2015 (PDF)

"To facilitate the internationalization strategies necessitated by this new global context, universities have developed campus environments that encourage and support positive interactions of individuals from many diverse backgrounds. The creation of such environments not only facilitates the development of future world citizens, but can also serve as a model — and perhaps even a catalyst — for world peace."

President's Address to the Consular Corps Association of Toronto - February 18, 2014 (PDF)

"It is clear that the internationalization of university education and the development of the workforce of tomorrow will be the defining factor in whether organizations succeed or fail. Future citizens of any country will need not only to be well educated but will also need to have a world perspective."

President's Address To The Toronto Region Board of Trade - December 4, 2013 (PDF)

"By supporting research collaborations between the postsecondary education sector and other sectors, and by leveraging our universities’ contributions to knowledge mobilization and social innovation, we can assert Canada’scompetitive advantage and our continued leadership in the global economy."

President's Address to the Empire Club - November 2012 (PDF)

"Is education Canada's next great export? Our role in lifting global competitiveness.."

President's Town Hall - September 2012 (PDF)

"We are a university on the move. We are a university with potential. We have the people, we have the drive and determination, and we have the plans in place to achieve our goals.."

Address to the International Engineering Conference - March 2012 (PDF)

"For Ontario and Canada to remain prosperous and competitive, we need to better leverage the talents to increase our ability to innovate and be more productive."

Address At The Intercultural Dialogue Institute - Reflections On Living Together As Neighbours - January 2012 (PDF)

"The goal to promote respect and mutual understanding among all cultures and faiths through partnerships is very much what this city needs and what York University is all about..."

Address At The Intercultural Dialogue Institute - Reflections On Living Together As Neighbours - January 2012 (PDF)

"The goal to promote respect and mutual understanding among all cultures and faiths through partnerships is very much what this city needs and what York University is all about..."