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Fall Convocation Address - October 2011 (PDF)

"At York, we educate our students to become citizens of the world. We are an international university, with more than 65,000 students, staff and faculty who can trace their origins to more than 155 countries worldwide..."

Address on the State of the University - President's Town Hall - September 2011 (PDF)

"At 52 years young, we are at the doorstep of becoming a world-class teaching and research institution. We have a strong foundation and a road map. But, our success will depend on our ability to change and deal with the many challenges facing post-secondary education in general, and York in particular..."

Remarks to NY Plenary Session - Transatlantic Dialogue - June 2010 (PDF)

"Over the years, we have transformed into a leading interdisciplinary research and teaching university in Canada. We have a student population of 53,000 and almost 250,000 alumni worldwide - making us the second largest University in Ontario, and the third largest in Canada..."

Remarks to Senate - June 2009 (PDF)

"This has been a challenging year for us in more ways than one, but I'm pleased to say that the clouds have begun to part for York. The measures we have taken to help students navigate through the extended academic year appear to have
been successful. We seem to be making headway in regaining the trust of our key stakeholders and the government..."

Remarks to Senate - February 2009 (PDF)

"There's a lot of good work happening here, but it's being overshadowed by recent events. York is at a critical point in its history and we need to change. We need to address the issues that threaten our institution and our academic
reputation. As the University's academic governing body, I call on you to rise to this challenge and to help deliver the change York needs..."

Remarks to the Empire Club - February 2008 (PDF)

"York occupies a unique place among Canadian universities, being both large and well-established and yet, we are young and growing. We have only just begun to make our mark in Canada and the global community. We are located in the fastest-growing and most diverse region of Canada, a mini-world where ideas with global perspective can be tested and implemented..."

Installation Speech - October 2007 (PDF)

"The great Egyptian writer and Nobel prize winner Naguib Mahfouz once wrote: "You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions." Well, I am very proud to have had parents who were both clever and wise..."